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Seasoned Tradelines Raise Credit Scores Fast. We have Seasoned Tradelines For Sale that have perfect payment histories. Our Seasoned Tradelines For Sale help you Fix Bad Credit/Build credit fast. Our Seasoned Tradelines are Authorized User Credit Card Accounts. We can add you to these accounts to Increase your credit scores fast.               Our Fico Score Raising Seasoned Tradelines are guaranteed to post on your credit files!

Seaoned tradelines - Primary tradelines

Seasoned tradelines are simply tradelines of credit that have been aged for a few years, or “seasoned“. Seasoned tradelines are used to add postive credit tradelines to a person’s credit file who otherwise lacks the substantial tradelines of credit needed to have a high, strong or positive credit rating.

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We Raised a Clients Score to 819 in only 22 days!

We Raised a Clients Score to 819 in only 22 days!

** Are authorized user accounts legal? Yes, The Fair Isaac Co (FICO) announced that its latest credit-scoring model, dubbed “FICO 08,” will continue to include authorized user accounts when calculating someone’s FICO credit score.

The company estimates that 50 million consumers are “legitimate” authorized users on someone else’s credit card. Legitimate authorized users have a relationship with the primary accountholder and a reason to share access to the account, such as spouses, and parents and children.

If you’re one of the many people who have credit problems, it can be even more difficult, or impossible to get credit for the things you really want and need. If you’ve been denied credit or if you’re paying high interests rates on your home loan, car loan, or credit card, your credit score needs raising. Seasoned Tradelines are what you require. Seasoned tradelines are a great tool to use. This page answers a lot of questions regarding the more complicated areas of seasoned tradelines. Have any other questions, please contact us. 

Seasoned Tradelines are typically revolving tradelines of credit which have been aged for at least a two years. The age of the seasoned tradelines give you a history of on time payments. In addition, seasoned tradelines usually have high limits and low balances. This debt to credit ratio, assists in positively impacting credit scores, by either expanding the young credit file or lowering the debt to credit ratio you have in your credit reports.

How much will your credit score increase? It is impossible to answer this without looking at your credit report. This is a tough question to answer on a general basis, there are many factors to consider. We’ve saw situations where our clients credit scores have gone from 500s, to over 800 with the addition of seasoned tradelines around $10,000.00 in limit and 8 years in age. On the other hand, we’ve seen clients increase about 30 points with the addition of very substantial trade lines (over $30,000.00 limits and over 10 years of age).

This is why it’s important to select the appropriate tradelines and by the client allowing us to assist with their selection of seasoned tradelines we can make sure they get the correct seasoned tradelines. We have never saw credit scores decrease after buying seasoned tradelines, but we have seen credit scores increase only a small amount to a large amount. It depends on what’s in your credit report, and the skill to select a seasoned tradelines to counter the deficiencies in your your credit report.

Adding a seasoned trade lines with a significant limits, low balances, and lots of history is the best way to help any credit score. However, after adding seasoned tradelines. If you suffer from derogatory items such as recent charge-off tradelines, collection account tradelines, tradelines with late payments, etc., within your credit report, the impact of the seasoned tradelines on your credit score will be less than in the case of the limited file with relatively no history (and especially limited or no negative history).

Where can you get seasoned tradelines with no upfront fees?
This is a great question and is constantly searched on the internet. Seasoned tradelines no up front feedo no exist.
How long does it take for scores to increase once you add seasoned tradelines?
After you have selected appropriate seasoned tradelines and they have been added by our company your credit scores increase immediately. This means that as soon as the seasoned tradelines hit your credit report, your score should increase right away. The real question is, “how long does it take to get seasoned tradelines onto your credit report?” This can take anywhere from 15 to 45 days, and it should not take longer than that.
If any company adding your seasoned tradelines, takes longer than 45 days, there are issues happening behind the scenes that have nothing to do with adding the seasoned tradelines. These issues include mismanagement on the part of the company, or fraud alerts or security freezes in your credit report preventing the seasoned tradelines from posting, etc.

How much do seasoned tradelines cost?
This may seem like a long winded answer, but you deserve thoroughness. Seasoned trade lines range in price considering age, limit and balance. So, the price is not relevant unless you know what seasoned tradelines you need. You don’t know what seasoned tradelines you need unless you determine the deficiencies of your credit report (high debt to credit ratio, limit revolving accounts, etc.). So, the real question is “what seasoned tradelines do you need and how much does it cost?” We can answer that question after a full analysis of your credit report and also takingg into consideration your credit goals. People often search for “cheap tradelines” or “inexpensive seasoned tradelines”, but cutting these corners, you will more than likely end up disappointed after you get ripped off. As a general guide, our prices range from $500.00 to $1,500.00 each.

How do you add seasoned tradelines to your credit history?
You add seasoned tradelines to your credit report by someone adding you as an authorized user to a certain seasoned tradelines. There are many ways to add seasoned tradelines to your credit, and there are just as many ways to screw it up. The stories we’ve heard from clients who left other companies and came to us have allowed us to avoid these problems and mistakes. If explained in more detail, would compromise the trade secrets we have developed over the years. Rest assured, it is possible to get seasoned tradelines onto your credit reports, and we specialize in this credit raising process.

What is the history or origins of seasoned tradelines?
Seasoned tradelines have been used for nearly 40 years by Mortgage brokers and lenders. Adding seasoned tradelines to your credit report to boost up your score became a popular way to boost credit scores because of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act 1974, which allowed the process to attach credit accounts, legally, to someone else.

Benefits you’ll enjoy with Seasoned Tradelines & Your Good Credit Score:

  • Get your credit cards – ones that is not secured and with low interest rates
  • Get financed on the “big ticket items” – so you don’t have to use all your capital
  • Get approved for the vehicle you want – with good interest rates and  lower payments
  • Get a lower interest rate and monthly payments when you refinance your home or car
  • Get the credit to fund a business you want to start!
  • Get yourself a great low auto or health insurance rate!

Buying seasoned tradelines is a good option for you if you are trying to improve your credit standing.
If you wish to purchase seasoned tradelines, please contact us.

Our Team of Credit Restoration Experts will make a plan and help you pick the correct seasoned tradelines to make sure you get a better credit score.

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