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Bad Credit Home Buyers Options

Bad credit home buyers, We have an Aggressive Credit Repair Program specifically for. Our home buyers bad credit repair program is an aggressive credit repair service designed to improve the credit situation of potential bad credit home buyers fast.


bad credit home buyers


You can be a home buyer with bad credit and buy a home using a subprime mortgage lender but that will require a larger down payment, higher interest rate mortgage, more hurdles to qualify and less possible options to consider for purchase.

Most clients become “mortgage credit ready” in an average of only 21-120 days, enabling them to qualify for a mortgage and purchase the home of their dreams.


How Our Bad Credit Home Buyers Program Helps You!

As you know your mortgage rate, limit and requirements to qualify for your mortgage will be determined by your credit report and credit credit scores.

  • Our Aggressive Home Buyers Credit Repair Program entails disputing negative items and or adding you to our good accounts as an authorized user.

Some bad credit home buyers may only want or need a small credit score boost of 20 - 50 points and this can be done by either deleting a negative tradeline and or being added as an authorized user on our tradelines for sale.

These accounts have many years of Perfect Payment Histories, Credit limits of $1,500 - $40,000 with No or Low balances below 15%. These accounts have been used to qualify for Mortgages, Loans, Credit Cards & More. They have increased up 200+ points in only 3-4 weeks.

These accounts help with your payment history, credit to debt ratio, credit type, average age of accounts.


Here's an excerpt of article from below explaining the benefits of being an authorized user when applying for a mortgage.

" Being an authorized user on another person's credit card account could have an effect when you apply for a mortgage, primarily because it shows up on your credit report along with your own credit card and loan accounts.

As a result, information from your authorized-user account can be included when determining your credit score and the lender's underwriting process".

The complete article can be found Here 


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