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Credit Repair Las Vegas Facts 

Need Credit Repair Las Vegas? Use our good credit accounts for credit repair and increase your credit scores faster.


We know all about Credit Repair Las Vegas

We have 3 Programs For Credit Repair in Las Vegas


1. Tradelines for Credit Repair

2. Traditional Repair

3. Hybrid Repair


1. We add you to our credit accounts with perfect payment histories, high limits & low or no balance.

After being added to our accounts the years of perfect payment, high limit and low balance is placed on your credit file, giving you years of perfect credit history and raising credit scores immediately.

(After being added to our tradelines credit scores have increased as much as 200+ points in only 3-4 weeks)


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2. Traditional Credit Repair

We do Creditor Challenges

        Credit Bureau Challenges         

Little known industry insider tricks

-> We Check your credit for negative items.
-> WE Challenge those items with all three bureaus.
-> We make them to prove what they’re reporting.

How long does using traditional credit repair take?

It can be extremely time consuming (especially if you do it yourself). 

Our members have seen an average score increase of 70+ POINTS IN MONTHS*


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3. Hybrid Credit Repair 
Removing Negatives & Adding Good Tradelines
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What our members are saying

James  credit repair rating-izm credit services

Credit Repair from IZM Credit Services has made a huge difference in my credit score. They have removed 3 of 4 negative items off of my credit report.I can't say enough positive things about this company. Thank you for helping me rebuild my credit score and gain control again.

I am pleased with the service I received. They taught me about credit and raised my scores fast Every time I called and had a question, they answered my questions and explained everything to me. If you need credit repair try here first.


Thank you


Susan  credit repair rating-izm credit services

Mark B credit repair rating-izm credit services

When I signed up, I was more than a little skeptical and was thinking that maybe this was just going to be another scam. I was a customer for only three months and 70% (14 items) have been deleted. My credit scores improved approximately 100 points, taking me from fair to good credit.

I thought I needed credit repair because my scores were in the mid 650's. They explained I needed to pay down my credit cards, this raised my scores 50-60 points. I needed excellent credit to buy things I needed for my new business. I purchased the silver tradeline pack and within 3 weeks my scores were in the 790- 810 range.

William credit repair rating-izm credit services

How much does credit repair cost?

 We have a service for all budgets

Find out now how many negative items you need to have removed - FREE

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