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The undersigned parties (“client(s)”) hereby agree to employ IZM Credit Services (“”), their agents, employees, and/or contractors, to provide advice and assistance with respect to improving the client’s credit file, record, history, FICO or other scores, and overall credit knowledge. Generally, this service will be directed to a Consumer Reporting Agency (“CRA” or “Credit Bureau”) or to any individual or company from whom the client is applying for credit or has actually received credit (“Creditor”). Finally, these efforts may be directed to any collection agency or company supplying credit-related information to a CRA or Creditor (a “Furnisher” of information).

Credit Repair Organizations Act. The client has been informed that is a company which sells or provides a service, in return for consideration, in an attempt to improve the client’s credit record, history or rating, and to provide advice regarding these activities, and as such, is governed by the Credit Repair Organizations Act, 15 U.S.C. 1679 (“CROA” or “The Act”).

  1.  “Right to Cancel” Notice. Every client has the right to cancel this contract with without penalty or obligation, by notifying them within 3 business days after this contract is signed and executed. You may exclude Sundays and the day the contract is signed for completing the 3 business day rule. Further, no services will be rendered nor will any money be paid to during this three day cancellation period.
  2. Description of Services and Conditions of Payment. The client agrees to pay a profile assesment fee and monthly fee for the services of CD, which shall be detailed as follows: In return will dispute and attempt to hold accountable any credit bureau, creditor, or supplier of inaccurate, obsolete or unverifiable information listed on the client’s credit reports. Client will make aware of those items client deems to be of an inaccurate, obsolete and/or unverifiable nature, and all negative items found on client’s credit report will be considered inaccurate, obsolete or unverifiable unless you instruct us otherwise.
  3. Client Responsibilities. Each Client understands that the success and timeliness of the credit restoration program depends upon the following, and that this contract requires strict compliance by the client of the following duties from the date this agreement is entered into: a) Forward to us immediately any document, credit bureau report, letter or other item received during the credit repair process (keep a copy for your records) b) Refrain from applying or accepting any new credit (mortgages, car loans, credit cards, etc) c) Payment by each client (and their spouse for jointly held liabilities) of all credit lines and debts on time. d) Refuse permission or ensure than no other company pulls or examines your credit report. e) Use services exclusively during the contract period. f) Release from Liability.
  4. The client hereby expressly waives any claim, and agrees to release, indemnify and hold, it's credit analyst, their agents, employees and/or assigns, harmless for any and all claims or causes of action which arise out of the performance of the credit repair services. Unless the action arises from a failure to comply with the Credit Repair Organizations Act, the client agrees that its sole legal right or claim for damages against or any agent, employee or contractor thereof, shall be limited solely to a refund of any fee paid.

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