PiggyBacking Credit Cards: How to Piggyback Credit?

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Piggybacking credit cards to raise scores fast is the best and smartest way to qualify fast. You can piggyback credit to raise credit scores. Sometimes family members or spouses will let each other do this for free. We provide this service to our clients since most people don’t have family or friends that will add them to their accounts even though the person added doesn’t get the card, any access to the accounts or any of the card holders information.

What is piggybacking credit cards?

Piggybacking credit refers to being added to someone’s credit card accounts as an authorized user, to give them a fico score boost.

Is piggybacking credit legal?

Yes, it is legal. People have been able to this and raise their score since the Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA) of 1974. it is good for older people as well as students working to build a credit history, this practice has also benefited many stay-at-home parents who found they could keep good scores by tagging on the good accounts of their spouse.

How Does Piggybacking Credit work?

You get added to credit cards as an authorized user on one or more of our cards. The age, the years of perfect payment history & the high limits get placed on your file as soon as the credit bureaus update their information and reflect the old accounts added. So you could have an increase in 10 days, it depends on when you reserve your spots on our accounts. We typically like to have our clients reserve their accounts atleast 10 days before the post date listed on the tradelines for sale page.

Due to our broad network of Brokers & R.E. Professionals our accounts go fast, don’t delay!

Reserve your accounts and piggyback credit for your better financial future today.

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