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Tradelines raise credit scores and build credit very fast. Use our tradelines and qualify for credit. Our tradelines have been used to qualify for High Limits Credit Cards, Lamborghini, Mercedes, BMW, Mortgages, Refinancing & More!




What are tradelines?

Tradelines are just credit industry slang for credit accounts issued to businesses or people. It's just another word for “credit account ”.


Buying Tradelines

We have credit tradelines  that have high limits, perfect payment histories and low or o balance. Our authorized user tradelines Raise Credit Scores faster than traditional credit repair. Ready to increase your scores fast? Get added as an authorized user. We guarantee that our tradelines will post on your credit reports, some report in only 10 days.(post dates are listed on the tradelines for sale page)


Is buying tradelines legal?

Yes, it's legal. FTC spokesman Frank Dorman said:  “What I’ve gathered from attorneys here is that it is legal, Yes!  (FICO) The Fair Isaac Co continues to include authorized user accounts when formulating all FICO scores. To Buy Tradelines & Sell tradelines is legal.


Video of The F.I.C.O. Corp CEO -  Saying "being authorized user to raise scores is a good way to build credit fast. Here 


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How being an authorized user builds credit

We provide the Age, High limits & Years of on time Payment History. 

How many tradelines will you need?

In order to know that we'd have to know whats in your credit files. This is why it's important to let us help you select the appropriate accounts.


When did people start using tradelines?

Tradelines have been used since 1974. They are a favorite secret credit score raising method commonly used by Spouses, Mortgage Brokers,, Auto Brokers, Real Estate Agents & More! using tradelies is fastest, safest & Best way to raise anyone credit scores fast or build credit fast.

Trade lines generally post in 10-14 days, after the credit cards payment due date. Some in as fast as 4-5 days (they sell out fast & cost a little  more). Try to reserve yours at least 7 days before the statement date (statement date is listed).

You should most likely make that cycle and have your credit lines added then.

How long will it take for your scores to increase?

As soon as the account is listed in your credit reports you will get your credit score increase.


How to buy tradelines fast?

Call us to reserve your tradelines and as soon as we receive your payment our credit specialist will have you added as an authorized user.




William Tradeline Broker/Reseller

The service has been the best, and professional. I have dealt with several other companies and experienced not so good service or none at all. But after meeting Lynn I have been satisfied, with knowledge and honesty to meet my clients needs.

Julie M

Julie M Client

Hi Lynn this is Julie in Miami, thanks to you guys I got approved for Business Funding ;). I will always remember you guys, without you I wouldn’t have been able open my store.. Sincerely, Julie M

Jason Resnick

Jason Resnick Client

Thanks Lynn, today I was able to get the 2014 Mercedes S550 I wanted. They even gave me a really good interest rate..Thank you , Jason – Huntington Beach, Calif

Dr. Santos

Dr. Santos Clien

Thanks to IZM Credit Services, I got approved for a New car and over $100,000 in Credit Cards. Lynn advised me to get their VIP tradeline Package. If you want results, Call Lynn and let them fix your credit.


Change Your Credit, Change Your Life!


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