Updated Tradeline: What is a Updated Tradeline?

Updated tradeline is a term on their credit reports. It means a credit tradeline of yours has been updated at the bureaus.

what is an updated tradeline


Accounts information places recently in your credit files are accurate can be considered an updated tradeline. Your total tradelines on your credit report. matter.

So, that “updated” means what recently on your credit files the credit bureaus updated their info on you. Frequently tradelines aren’t updated and show wrong credit limits, balances, and or late payments.


What is a updated tradeline?

An updated tradeline is a credit account that has been updated at the credit bureaus.

When you get notifications of your updated tradelines? It’s because your credit monitoring company is letting you know that a credit account history has been changed.

People get these notices for updated payments, closed account, decreased or increased balances, inquiries.

Due to the Equal Opportunity Credit Act, it is possible to get added as an authorized user and have the account inforamation added to your credit files.

The accounts we have are in excellent condition, they have perfect payment histories and balances below 15%.

The will have a positive impact and raise credit score fast.


We can add authorized user tradelines to your credit report fast. If you have credit monitoring. After we add you to our Auto accounts, you will receive your “updated tradeline” credit alert. Our trade lines post fast and help you qualify for credit fast. They are priced low and they do sale out fast.

How much is an updated tradeline?

Our tradelines typically go for ONLY 250 – 1700 and they can post in your credit reports as fast as 10 days

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